My work is about defining and re-defining identity, ageing and mortality with a reference to feminism. It draws on personal experiences and is often based on something that triggers emotions and memories, familiarity or alienation.
I worked extensively on an area in Sicily that was abandoned after an earthquake. Inspired by abandoned objects among the ruins I explored the relationship between what is and what was. I felt a strong emotional link to my own private upheavals and their impact on my life. The remnants seemed to be part of me, of my own process of ageing. It was both the forceful transformations caused by the tremors and the subsequent long process of decaying that together created this impression.
For me, environments can influence emotional states and define identities. Even though spaces change over time, feelings can attach themselves to surroundings and thus be sensed in a place when it is revisited many years later.
My visual language is multi-layered, drawing on photography, photo editing, arranging, alternative printing processes and sometimes mixed media and work with archival images. I work with space, time and memories.
Inspired by wabi-sari philosophy, my work is subtle, tentative, inconspicuous, often hovering between recognisable and abstaract. It is about evoking emotions, creating dialogues between visible and invisible elements, traces of hidden aspects, searching for alternative narratives.

The resulting connexions might appear non-rational. They follow my own set of values. Shapes emerge that offer a range of possible associations and interpretations. These could be of both personal and collective nature.


selected exhibitions and residencies

2021 Figurative Art Now | Mall Galleries, London (online due to covid)
2020 ING Discerning Eye | London (online due to covid)
2019 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London
2019 Members’ Summer Show | Chelsea Arts Club | London
2018 Stewarts Law | RCA Secret, Royal College of Art | London
2018 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London
2018 Summer Show | Chelsea Arts Club | London
2017 Summer Salon | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London
2017 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London
2017 Milchhof Studio | Berlin (residency)
2016 Summer Salon | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London
2016 Sixty | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London
2015 Cill Rialaig Arts Centre | Ballinskelligs | Ireland
2015 The Cill Rialaig Project | Ballinskelligs | Ireland (residency)
2014 Things that do not move | Chelsea Arts Club | London
2014 il filo della memoria | Santa Margherita, Sicily
2012 Kunstforum Markert | Hamburg | Solo Show
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