I am a British artist living and working in London.

I work with space, time and memory. I investigate how environments influence emotional states and how epigenetic inheritance manifests itself.

I studied photography and fine art, often combining the two by working onto my own prints, cutting them up and arranging them in small montages.

Inspired by my tutor at art college, concept artist Stanley Brouwn, I started investigating my movements in urban environments. Since then my work has had strong links to space, architecture the built environment. In order to define ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ and 'identity' I work with images that trigger both familiarity and alienation - past homes, abandoned homes, traces of human living, transformed environments.

I aim to create images that have a level of ambiguity and encourage dialogues between visible and invisible elements. Shapes emerge that offer a range of possible associations and interpretations. These could be of both personal and collective nature.

Several of my projects are linked to a deserted disaster zone in Sicily. In 2023 I was selected for the Hong Kong workshop ‘Exploring Processes of Photobook Making with Yumi Goto’. I developed the prototype of for my photobook 'Seismic Shift', which I finalised back in London.

The book is based on the aftermath of the powerful earthquake that happened in Sicily in 1968. It is an attempt to make emotional sense of disasters, when powerful forces suddenly take away everything that is familiar and change the world to something inexplicable and undefinable.

I created a set of five individual image parts plus a text spread. The parts highlight different aspects, but they interfere with each other and can be viewed in any order. From there an installation concept is evolving.

Eva Roth


2023 Hong Kong International Photo Festival - workshop and group exhibition 'Exploring Processes of Photobook Making with Yumi Goto'

2023 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2023 Members' Summer Show | Chelsea Arts Club | London

2023 Small File Photo Ferstival Shortlisted | Photographers' Gallery

2022 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London

2021 ING Discerning Eye | Mall Galleries, London

2021 Figurative Art Now | Mall Galleries, London (online due to covid)

2020 ING Discerning Eye | London (online due to covid)

2019 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London

2019 Members’ Summer Show | Chelsea Arts Club | London

2018 Stewarts Law | RCA Secret, Royal College of Art | London

2018 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London

2018 Members' Summer Show | Chelsea Arts Club | London

2017 Summer Salon | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London

2017 Summer Show | LondonPrintStudio | London

2017 Milchhof Studio | Berlin (residency)

2016 Summer Salon | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London

2016 Sixty | Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes | London

2015 Cill Rialaig Arts Centre | Ballinskelligs | Ireland

2015 The Cill Rialaig Project | Ballinskelligs | Ireland (residency)
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