‘Seismic Shift’ is a book project in five sections. Shown here is the page sequence of the section BUIO (dark or darkness in Italian).


This section is the darkest of the five, using only black pages and abstract images mainly developed from found negatives.

It can be seen as a starting point, when the earthquake has struck and everything is dark or covered in dust and fog. Nothing makes sense, nothing is definable. Gradually shapes begin to emerge.


The images move between reality and imagination, between documentary and fairy tale. Fragments of recognisable or familiar elements familiar encourage dialogues and create links to invisible elements, to memories and emotions.


I use a lot of abstraction to counterbalance the powerful assumption that photography is the gospel truth. In this case I don't want photography to depict ‘the one and only truth’ but to show that often what we see and feel can take many different shapes and appearances.