I developed this project after discovering an area of ruined towns in Sicily. They were destroyed by a series of earthquakes and subsequently abandoned.


I felt a strong connection, as if I had been in that earthquake and experienced the trauma of sudden loss and displacement myself.

I carry with me the inherent trauma that my mother experienced when she and her parents were deported from Portugal to wartime Germany when she was twelve years old. Somehow her loss of home and belongings and the misery that followed have instilled in me a perpetual feeling of homelessness. This could well be a case of epigenetic inheritance.


I aim to draw the viewer into a world of experience and discovery, with some uncertain, contradicting, dark, maybe even scary elements and to make sense of them in their own way, to feel rather than understand what happens when your world changes to something hardly recognizable and how to try and cope with it, accepting change and maybe discovering something interesting, something positive, some unexpected beauty.

‘Seismic shift’ concentrates on a set of negatives which I found among the debris of the disaster zone. Some images reveal traces of the portrayed people, others have been transformed into rather intriguing abstract pictures. Nature has scratched and drawn and painted onto them, playing with the represented people, cutting right through their bodies and shrouding them in mist.


‘Seismic shift’contains five sections plus a text spread. The sections deal with different aspects and can be seen in any order or on their own.


I RUDERI - things fall apart

BUIO - facing the unexplicable

VOLTI - those who were there

DIMENTICARE - fading into oblivion

CORAGGIO - faith in the unexpected